“How do you define an Online Community?”

An online community is a set of members with the same common interest be it in technology, sharing of knowledge, a support group, promote awareness, opportunities and the list continues. In big companies where the demand for support is high, has their own Community Manager to cater the needs and answer inquiries of their followers and product users.

“Why CebuBarkada.com?”

The idea behind CebuBarkada.com is simple. If you talk to a friend about what’s new in Cebu, believe it or not your friend will also disseminate that info to his group of friends (Barkada). So there’s a ripple effect of some sort. The word “Barkada” is a Cebuano and a Tagalog word for friends.

We would also like to give due credits to the owner of CebuBarkadaFM.com for allowing us to use CebuBarkada.com as a separate entity or an online community. Though CebuBarkadaFM.com caters only to those who love music.

Official Logo of CebuBarkada.com

“Do you have your own Community Manager? Considering that your community has a potential to grow and gain interest from the public?”

Yes. Our Community Manager set the groundwork and strategies on how to connect each member in the community. They can also be considered as a product endorser because they also welcome companies who wish to advertise their services and other opportunities.

Community Manager Role is a growing and developing profession.
People in this position work to build, grow and manage communities around a brand or a cause.
Source: Wikipedia

“Do you plan to have an Outreach Program?”

Yes, we also plan to have an Outreach Program for the community. This will be composed of volunteers. We will post our activities in due time. So stay tuned with our announcements in our Forum page.

“How do you maintain your Forum Moderators?”

Anyone can apply as a Forum Moderator but we assess and evaluate them accordingly. They can view the guidelines and benefits presented in our forum post.

Being a Forum Moderator is a voluntary work but we also allow them to grow whatever is possible for them through our website.

“It’s interesting that you also have other groups that you maintain?”

Yes. These are:

Cebu Buy and Sell (Facebook Group)
This group has a high traffic of 20+ posts per day. We see a good number of requests in joining this group that ranges from 20 – 50 requests per day. The Buyers and Sellers are not only based in Cebu but also outside the province.

The good thing about “Cebu Buy and Sell” is I offer a FREE Pin-Post good for 15 days exposure if you add 15 of your friends to join this group. So far this FREE service gained interest to the Sellers and other Merchants.

Ormoc Classified Ads (Facebook Group)
Originally I’m from Ormoc City (Leyte) but now in Cebu working. I created this group with the same approach similar to “Cebu Buy and Sell”.

Pinoy Talk (Facebook Group)
A group that discusses anything under the sun. We don’t allow any buy and sell items being posted on this group. This is more of an intellectual discussion among its members.

“How can they reach the management of CebuBarkada.com?”

They can easily contact us via email at info@cebubarkada.com and our representative will get in touch with them as soon as possible.

About the Author
Acer is the Community Manager and Forum Moderator of CebuBarkada.com. Aside from having a full-time job working in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company in Cebu, he also keep himself busy increasing his financial knowledge and at the same organizing public trainings during his free time. He wishes to venture into other businesses. Catch him online in CebuBarkada.com Forum!

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