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In celebration of Philippines and Japan friendship as well as the 40th anniversary of ASEAN-Japanese Friendship and Cooperation, The Japan Foundation Manila together with the Embassy of Japan and the Film Development Council of the Philippines holds free film showing of full length Japanese feature films to the public with English subtitles from select locations across the country.

This year’s “Eiga Sai”, which means movie festival when translated, has officially started last July 3, 2013 around the theme “ASEAN-Japan Partnership: Thoughts Connected- Future Connected”. For us here in Cebu, screening will be held at Ayala Center Cebu starting this August 7 (Wednesday) and will culminate on August 11 (Sunday).

The event has been widely anticipated every year by several Cebuanos from all age groups especially those who love the Japanese culture. Check out the screening schedule below. And if you can’t wait to watch these feature films, we also included their trailers so you can have a sneak peek of what is in store for you. Enjoy!

Eiga Sai Cebu Schedule

August 7, 2013
7:00 PM – About Her Brother

August 8, 2013
7:00 PM – Confessions

August 9, 2013
7:00 PM – Parade

August 10, 2013
1:30 PM – Japan, Our Homeland
4:30 PM – Mai Mai Miracle
7:00 PM – Dear Doctor

August 11, 2013
1:30 PM – Rinco’s Restaurant
4:30 PM – ALWAYS – Sunset on Third Street 2
7:00 PM – KAMUI

About Her Brother

Yamada Yoji pays homage to Ichikawa Kon’s film of the same title. The movie presents a heart-warming depiction of the relationship between a hardworking older sister and her younger brother who is a failed performer.


Moriguchi Yuko is a junior high school teacher who has lost a daughter. She has reason to believe that the murderer is among her students. One day, she announces to the class her intentions to avenge her daughter’s death. A punishment beyond anyone’s imagination awaits the killer…


Film production employee Naoki, struggling illustrator Mirai, part-timer Kotomi, and college student Ryosuke share an apartment. Their seemingly peaceful communal life starts to go awry when a male prostitute, Satoru, comes into their lives.

Japan, Our Homeland

Is an animated film that portrays the life of 6th grade students in downtown Tokyo struggling to recover from the perils of the Second World War.

You can watch the trailer here.

Mai Mai Miracle

Based on Akutagawa Prize winner autobiographical novel of Takagi Nobuko, the film portrays the warm friendship between a young local girl with a rich imagination, and a girl who came from Tokyo.

Dear Doctor

“Dear Doctor” tells the story of Dr. Ino, a well-loved village doctor, who suddenly disappeared after meeting a widow he diagnosed as to having a terminal health condition.

Rinco’s Restaurant

In shock from a heart break, Rinco lost her voice and reluctantly moves in with her mother. Trying to find a way to provide for herself, she decides to convert the guest house into a restaurant, where she serves only one pair of guests a day with carefully cooked meals which soon became popular as a place that brings happiness.

ALWAYS – Sunset on Third Street 2

“Always-Sunset on Third Street 2” continues the story of Chakagawa, the man who became an instant father to a boy after he drunkenly agreed to do but was forced to let him go after the boy’s real father reappeared. In this second installation, he is determined to get the young boy back. He works on proving his capacity to take care of the boy by writing, in the hopes of winning the Japanese Literary Prize.


Being born in the lower classes of society, Kamui became a Ninja in order to survive. However, unable to bear the restrictive rules and brutality, he fled and became a fugitive. He now lives in the home of a fisherman named Hanbei whose life he saved. Hanbei’s wife Sugaru — who is also an escaped Ninja did not trust him. Meanwhile, Hanbei’s daughter, Sayaka, finds herself falling in love with him.

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