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“Our employers teach us how to be good employees. But they don’t teach us how to live LIFE.”
~ Anonymous

Employers always recognize and promote good employees who are doing well in their job, answering the call of duty even after office hours and making sure that their company is earning. This is a good trait that helped moved up employees to the corporate ladder.

If you are that type of person, I admire you. You are doing your very best to keep your job intact and be an asset to your employer but don’t forget to take care for yourself and your family to ensure financial well-being.

You should understand and I’m sure this is an eye-opener for you that time will come they no longer need you because there will be younger and more capable employees to replace you. This is the time when you lose interest in your job, driving factor is decreasing, reducing the workforce or when you are nearing for your retirement. Employers will always look for fresh, young and vibrant employees to drive the company to success. It’s the sad part but that’s the truth.

Employee Engagement

I know one company in Cebu who invited a financial institution to educate their employees on other forms of investments. This is a good employee engagement and I’m sure you can replicate this by informing your Human Resource Department to do the same. You can invite these financial institutions to conduct this activity inside your company premises.

Their Financial Adviser will usually ask you how much you are willing to save, the amount you want to avail once your policy matures and other benefits. They will introduce their products or other services that will meet your requirements. Employees or any policy holder will always go for the most affordable and convenient for them. So start young. Start investing for your future.

Invest On Your Skills

If you have good communication skills, knows computer programming, can build professional websites and other marketable skills, then look for a second job (sideline job). You can do this after work and be a consultant or a freelancer. Invest on your skills to earn extra income aside from your primary full time job.

Since I’m active in Facebook, I always receive an invitation informing me to join their team as part time agent because I have a great potential in sales and marketing.

If you’re good in programming and building websites, check any contractual jobs or projects that you can find in any crowd sourcing websites (e.g. www.freelancer.com, www.odesk.com, www.elance.com).

Use your skills to increase your net worth. Don’t forget to save and set aside the money you earned from your sideline job. You can use that extra money for other investment vehicles (e.g. stocks, mutual funds, UITF) or to pay your debts.

About the Author

Acer is the Community Manager and Forum Moderator of CebuBarkada.com. Aside from having a full-time job working in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company in Cebu, he also keep himself busy increasing his financial knowledge and at the same organizing public trainings during his free time. He wishes to venture into other businesses. Catch him online in CebuBarkada.com Forum!

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